ABOUT US - 广东雪洁日化用品有限公司
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Over the 25 years of nursing research and development, Sugere is always persistent in sincerity, perseverance, delicacy and cleanliness.

Sugere adheres to the corporate philosophy of “sincerity, perseverance, delicacy and cleanliness”; starting from the products of dental care, the company constantly improves the professional ability that is from research& development, design to fabrication and sustainably develops all-around products of life care by means of more than 20 years of abundant experience in tooth protection. 


Top technology at home and abroad over the past 25 years, the frog integration team, hired international authoritative dentists to provide the latest medical professional consulting, continuous research and innovation, and constantly accumulated protection experience.

Frogs as products of the real arts and crafts to do, and not just a tool.

Our purpose:

The brand of tooth protection that is produced for satisfying the dental health requirements of the whole family

Our mission:

Protect each tooth of the whole family

Our vision:

Become the top expert of all-around tooth protection in the minds of consumers 

Baby frog series